COVID-19 Boat Booking

How to use the current booking system:

  1. Choose boat access or choose gym session if you wish to use the ergos or gym equipment.
  2. Choose the type of boat you’d like
  3. Choose the name of boat you’d like (can’t remember the boat’s name? here’s a list of boats )
  4. Select the date
  5. Click on an available time (any time in grey is already booked)
  6. Fill in your details, along with the name and phone number of each member of your crew (this is mandatory for contract tracing)

NOTE: If you are booking an ergo or gym spot, a seperate booking will be needed for each person


Please ensure you are still exercising COVID safe practices at the Club.

  • Don’t attend the Club if you are unwell
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly
  • Spray oar handles with disinfectant spray prior to use
  • Wash/disinfect all equipment after use

Booking Rules

The following rules for booking are in place:

  • You and your crew must agree to comply with the Rowing Victoria COVID-19 Guidelines when making a booking.
  • You and your crew must be familiar with the COVID safe plan found here.
  • The crew member booking the time and boat must nominate to be the Safety Officer, and must follow the Safety Officer responsibilities when at the Club.
  • Boat bookings are for 60 mins, you must row, wash your boat and oars, rack equipment and have vacated the club within your allotted time slot.
  • Gym bookings are for 60 mins, you must train, wipe down all equipment and have vacated the club within your allotted time slot.
  • If you don’t provide full details we will not be in compliance with the COVID safe rules and may have to cancel your booking.
  • The Committee will monitor bookings to ensure fair access for all members and welcome any feedback.

Problems using the booking form?

If you have any issues using the form or have any suggestions on how we can improve the system please do let the committee know